Pricing structure

Portion and price guide


6” round cake - approx 12 servings, from £49

8” round cake - approx 25 servings, from £69

10” round cake - approx 38 servings, from £99

12" round cake - approx 56 servings, from £129

Prices reflect round sponge cakes and will increase slightly for square cakes and fruit cakes.

This serving guide is estimated on a 2″ x 1″ slice, although please bear in mind fruit cake is often served in 1″ x 1″ slices.  Please also note that all our cakes are approximately 3-4” high/deep, and as such yield larger portions than standard height cakes (2-3").  

Wedding cakes are priced individually based on the number of tiers, level of detail, sugar work such as flowers, piping, modelling etc. 


Cupcakes start from £2.00 per cupcake and are priced according to the level of detail in the toppers. 


A non refundable, non transferable deposit is due no later than 4 weeks before the delivery/collection date. The order is only deemed accepted once the deposit has been paid. The remaining balance will be due on delivery / collection of the cake(s).